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The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) of FGCU

The Next Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for FGCU



The Quality Enhancement Plan Selection Committee is a university-wide group intended to facilitate the selection of a topic for the University’s next QEP. It is to elicit broadly ideas from the university community, identify those with the greatest potential for success, and to ensure proposals recommended for consideration by the university will meet the criteria necessary for compliance with SACS Core Requirement 2.12 and Comprehensive  Standard  3.3.2.   

The Quality Enhancement Plan Selection Committee is being chaired by Dr. Linda Serro, Director of the FGCU Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Initiative and is broadly representative of the university community. The committee includes representation from the Faculty Senate, the Staff Advisory Council, Student Government, the Deans Council, the Assessment Council, the Office of Undergraduate Studies, and university Department Chairs. The list of committee members and their affiliations is presented below.

  • Linda Serro (Chair)
  • Win Everham (Faculty Senate)
  • Claude Villiers (Faculty Senate)
  • Tom Bevins (Faculty Senate)
  • Patricia (Pi) Rice (SAC)
  • Keishla Negron-Acevido (SG)
  • Jim Wohlpart (Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies)
  • Tony Barringer (Deans Council)
  • Mary Ann Zager (Dept. Chairs)
  • Barbara Stites (Assessment Council)