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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

FERPA - Access to Records


Under the rights allowed by FERPA, a student shall be permitted to inspect, review and request explanation or interpretation of his/her academic records within 45 days of written notification to The Office of Records & Registration. The request form is available at FORMS.  If the record requested for review is not maintained by the Office of Records & Registration, the student will be advised of the appropriate office to contact.

Upon request, a student shall be provided with a copy of their academic record.  However, there are circumstances in which the student may only be allowed to view an unofficial  copy of their academic record.  These circumstances are associated with financial/non-financial obligations to the University and disciplinary actions.

With the written consent of the student, a third party may have similar privileges noted above. The Authorization to Release Information to a Third Party Form must be completed, signed by the student, and submitted to the Office of Records & Registration in order to give such consent.

As an alternative to the submission of the Authorization to Release Information to a Third Party form, and in accordance with FERPA, parents of a dependent student – as defined by the Internal Revenue Code – may submit evidence of dependency for the purpose of access to the student’s education record. The University will require a copy of the parent’s recent federal income tax return as evidence.

Limitations to Access: 

A student shall not be permitted to inspect letter and statements of recommendation for which the student has waived in writing his or her rights to access.

A student shall not be permitted to inspect records that personally identify other students even if he/she is personally identified on that record. In such cases he/she shall simply be informed of the information contained on the record.

A student shall not be permitted to access the financial statements of the student’s parents.

Release of Grades and Academic Transcripts:

Grades and academic transcripts are confidential and will not be released without the prior written consent of the student.  All requests for grades or academic transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Records & Registration. Students can access an unofficial copy of  their academic record through Gulfline. For more information concerning the request of grades or transcripts, refer to the Transcripts-Grades-Records web page.