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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Graduation Requirements, Documentation and General Information

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Completing All Degree Requirements
  • Before the end of this term, you must check with your college advisor to verify that you have met all University and college degree requirements as noted in the univesity catalog
  • These requirements must be completed prior to or by the end of this term.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you meet all of the requirements
  • If you do not meet all the requirements, your degree will be denied by the appropriate college and you will be required to re-apply for graduation
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Degree Requirement Verification Procedures
  • Verify the following degree/university requirements have been met or will be met by the end of this term
  • Meet the foreign language requirements as required by state law.
    • Refer to 'Foreign Launguage Admission Requirement' in the Undergraduate Admission section of the University Catalog for more information
  • Meet the Service Learning hour requirements
    • Remember to submit all hours to the Office of Civic Engagement prior to the established deadline as noted on the academic calendar
    • If you do not meet the Service Learning requirements, your degree will be denied and you will be required to re-apply for graduation
    • If you need additional information, the Office of Civic Engagement is located in 458G and 458I, in the Library
    • You can also contact Lisa Paige at (239) 590-7015 or email at 
  • Pay all fees and fines owed to the university prior to the end of the term.
    • Grades, transcripts and diplomas will be held until fees are paid in full  
  • All pending transfer course work is recieved no later than the end of this term
    • If you choose to take course work elsewhere during and have it apply toward your degree requirements, it is your responsibility to request an offical transcript be mailed to the appropriate admission office PRIOR TO the last day of the FGCU term
    • Transfer course work not received or posted to the FGCU transcript by the end of the term will result in denial for the degree and will require re-application for graduation 
  • All pending grade changes must be approved by the appropriate college and submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of the term
    • If you expect a grade change for a previously graded course, please advise the appropriate faculty member that you will be graduating at the end of the term so the grade change can be submitted as soon as possible
    • University policy does not allow grade changes once a degree is posted Refer to 'Grade Point Average Calculation' in the Registration and Records section of the University Catalog for policy information. 
  • All Incomplete grades must be completed and a Change of Grade form submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of the term
    • Failure to complete and Incomplete grade will result in the denial of the degree
    • Advise the faculty member you have applied for a degree and the grade change must be submitted prior to the end of the term
    • The Incomplete grade process is considered a change of grade and therefore follows the Change of Grade policy
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Certification of Degrees
  • Degrees will be certified by the colleges after the close of the term
    • Colleges will forward degree certifications to the Office of the Registrar for the purpose of posting to the academic transcript and ordering of the diploma
    • Transcript requests received with "Hold for Degree" checked, would be issued once the degree has been certified and posted
      • This process takes approximately four to five weeks
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  • Diplomas will be mailed within eight to ten weeks
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Application for Graduation Denied - Re-application Required
  • If your application to graduate is denied by your college, please remember that you must re-apply to graduate during the term you complete requirements
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  • Your name will not appear in the Commencement Program or newspaper if you have completed a "Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information".
    • To remove the privacy notice and allow your name to be published, you must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing no later than(Date: TBA)
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Student Life Sashes
  • As a result of a growing interest from student organizations and student leaders at FGCU, the University has endorsed the wearing of symbolic stoles during Commencement ceremonies. Since 1998, international students at FGCU have worn representative stoles from their respective countries at our commencements. Now other groups of students have followed this positive trend. These symbols celebrate our multicultural heritage, signify campus involvement in registered organizations and represent academic achievement at FGCU.
  • As we build on this tradition, graduating students with affiliation in registered student organizations can wear stoles that symbolize the pride, values and traditions of their organization. Commencement stoles will strengthen the current bond and future affiliation of FGCU students, graduates and Friends of the university. They are a visual display of our diversity and affiliation with organizations which will extend the FGCU community beyond our Estero campus.
  • Symbols such as stoles, medals, honor cords and colors add to the beauty and solemnity of the occasion which is so important to our students and their familes, students are expected to dress appropriately for Commencement and select stoles that add to the ceremony in a positive manner.
  • To enhance the importance of these symbols, we encourage all organizations that plan to design ceremonial stoles, to develop traditions such as pre-commencement gatherings or ceremonies in which the stoles, medallions, honor cords or medals are given to the graduating students in their organization.
  • All recognized organizations interested in designing and ordering stoles to be worn during the commencement ceremony are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students' Office at 590-7900 to discuss their plans.