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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

FERPA - Non-Disclosure of Directory Information


A student may elect to block the disclosure of his or her directory information. To do so, the student must make a formal written request – or submit the Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form – to the Office of Records & Registration. The student’s request remains valid throughout the student’s academic career with the University, unless subsequently revoked in writing by the student.

Upon receiving a request for non-disclosure of directory information, the University will not release any directory information without the student’s prior written consent, except to the extent otherwise authorized or required by FERPA or other laws. The University will not be liable for any negative actions due to the non-disclosure request or for the release of directory information prior to the submission of the non-disclosure form.

Requests for privacy should be given serious consideration. It is suggested that students seeking non-disclosure first discuss such action with the University Registrar. To print the forms for submission, CLICK HERE... Prevent Disclosure of "Directory Information" Form.