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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Academic Policies


The final authority for all academic policies is the University Catalog.  The catalog is published yearly and is based on the academic year.  For example the 2001-2002 catalog will be in effect for the fall 2001, spring 2002 and summer 2002 semesters.

Students have a right to choose a catalog year for their program of study. However, the choice cannot be from a term that is earlier than the matriculation term and the student must remain in continuous enrollment. Matriculation is defined as admitted to and enrolling in a degree program. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrolling in at least one term in an academic year.

On the other hand, Academic Policies as listed in the yearly catalog are in effect until revised.  A new policy will stipulate an effective date if other than the academic year in which it was first published.

Students will be notified either through general "all students email" or through their academic advisor of any major changes to academic policies.

For all questions on academic policies refer to the UNIVERSITY CATALOG.