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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Student Report Request



- COGNOS Report Connection

COGNOS is accessed through a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, and is based on licensing.

To access FGCU COGNOS Web Application and to run your reports, click on the link below:

COGNOS LOGIN - For Faculty/Staff

Note: If you attempt to enter your username and password up to three times, your FGCU network account will get locked. In this case, contact the Helpdesk for assistance at 590-1188.

- Internet Explorer 8 Settings for COGNOS Users

It is recommended that COGNOS Users (Report Authors and Report Consumers) who are using Internet Explorer 8 check and change, if necessary, their Internet Explorer 8 Security Settings. Instructions on 'how to find out which Internet Explorer version you are using' and 'instructions on how to check/change the Security Settings on your Internet Explorer (also available by clicking on the link below) can be found in the COGNOS Consumer User Guide below.

Internet Explorer 8 Settings - For COGNOS Users

- COGNOS Consumer User Guide

COGNOS is a reporting application that is integrated with Banner modules, such as 'Banner Student', 'Banner Finance', 'Banner Financial Aid', 'Banner CAPP', 'Banner Human Resources', etc..., that allows report Authors and report Consumers to create and run reports through COGNOS.

COGNOS Consumer User Guide Manual

- How to Request Student Data Report from the Office of the Registrar?

In compliance to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and annual student records audit, the Office of the Registrar requires that for every student data report request, that the 'Student Data Report request Form' be completed in detail and signed by the report Requestor's immediate supervisor (Department Head or College Dean) and sent via email or inter-office mail to Susan Byars, University Registrar and Student Data Custodiam for approval.

We request that you allow at least 10 business days to business days to complete the report request from the time of approval.  Depending on the complexity of the request, we may require more time to deliver the report.

Once your request is approved, the report will be generated and sent to the Requestor via e-mail in a MS Excel file format as an attachment.

Student data report requests will be prioritized according to Report Author's workload and resources available, unless instructed otherwise by the University Registrar.


Student Data Report Request FORM