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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar



Beginning Fall 2017, FGCU will implement the 3/2 Withdrawal Rule

This rule is designed to help students stay on track for timely graduation.

  • Starting in Fall 2017, FGCU students will be allowed to withdraw from a maximum of three (3) lower-level courses (numbered 1000-2999) and two (2) upper-level courses (numbered 3000-4999) without academic penalty after the drop/add dates.withdrawal
  • Any W’s that students acquired prior to Fall 2017 will not count toward this limit.
  • An appeal process will be in place. 
  • Withdrawals for approved extenuating circumstances such as medical reasons and active duty military service will not count toward this limit.   

A withdrawal counter will be available in Fall 2017 on your DegreeWorks degree audit on Gulfline

Please see the FAQs on this topic below.  Additional information may be found in 2017-18 Academic Catalog.


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1: Do I need to Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances?

You are only required to complete an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances if you meet the following criteria:

  • You need to withdraw from some or all courses due to an extenuating circumstance AND
  • You have missed the ADD/DROP date listed on the academic calendar (see academic calendar link below)

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2: What constitutes a reason for an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances? >>>>>>>>>> Online Petition for Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances accessible here <<<<<<<
  • Physical/Psychological Illness         
  • Death or Serious Injury of an Immediate Family member
  • Financial Circumstances (i.e. unemployment, unexpected expenses)
    (must submit proof of financial hardship) 
  • Call to Active Military Service (must submit call to active duty paperwork)
  • Other unusual or special cases, considered on a case by case basis
  • >>> Online Petition for an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances <<<


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3: How much time do I have to complete an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances?

An Application must be submitted within one term after the term for which the Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances is being requested. (i.e. Fall courses must be petitioned no later than the last day of the following spring semester). If submitted outside of the timeframe, reasons for the delayed request must be specified.

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4: What grades will show on my transcript if I complete Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances?

An approved request will be indicated by a WE on the transcript.

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5: How does a WE grade affect my GPA?

A WE grade does not affect your GPA.  You will not earn credit for the course for which you received a WE.

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6: What are my refund options? (tuition, housing costs, meal plan, bookstore)?

Approved Applications for an Appeal for Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances may be forwarded to the University Fee Appeal committee to be considered for a refund of tuition and fees. An approved Withdrawal does not dismiss the student from their entire financial obligation to the University. The student will still be responsible for any housing costs as per the Terms and Conditions of the student’s housing agreement and any repayment of financial aid and scholarships in accordance with federal student aid, state, and institutional guidelines. Students are encouraged to speak to officials within Housing and Residence Life as well as Financial Aid to determine their financial obligation. Additionally, students will still be responsible for any meal plan costs as per the Terms and Conditions of their meal plan agreement.  

You’ll have the option to forward your documents to these departments for further review.

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7: How long will the process take?

Completed appeals are typically reviewed within two weeks of receipt.

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8: How will I be informed of the outcome?

You will receive an email via your Eagle Email.

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9: How does the University define an Upper and Lower Level Course?

Lower Level: courses numbered 1000-2999

Upper Level: courses numbered 3000-4999

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10: To whom does the 3/2 Rule Apply?

Every FGCU Student may withdraw from a maximum of three lower level and two upper level undergraduate courses without academic penalty.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Degree Seeking Students
  • Dual Degree
  • Double Major
  • Second Bachelor’s Degree
  • Transfer Student
  • Transient Student
  • Non-Degree Seeking Student
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11: If I do not withdraw from three lower level courses, can I use the remaining allowable withdrawals for upper level courses?

No, the separation between the number of allowed lower-level course withdrawals and the number of allowed upper-level course withdrawals is firm.  That is, a student who has only two (not three) lower-level course withdrawals still has only two upper-level course withdrawals remaining.

Similarly, students may not “borrow” against the upper level course withdrawal total (two) to excuse additional lower level course withdrawals beyond the three that are allowed.

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12: How do I know which classes will be used towards the 3/2 rule when I withdraw?

W grades will be assigned in the chronological order in which a student withdraws from the course. For example, should a student wish to withdraw without academic penalty from 4 lower level courses, a W will be assigned to the first three courses listed on the Course Withdrawal or Term Withdrawal form.  The remaining course(s) over the allowed 3/2 Rule will receive a WF grade.