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Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council

About SAC


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The mission of the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is to facilitate effective communication between the Staff, the President and the Administration. As a proactive partner in the University’s Shared Governance processes, SAC will provide a forum that will directly address the issues and concerns of the Staff at Florida Gulf Coast University, and strive to ensure a campus climate that reflects a strong, enthusiastic and positive quality work life.


The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) was created in the year 2000 by President William Merwin as a way to promote open and effective communication with staff members and the University leadership to support the vital role of staff in the decision making processes at the University. Upon its inception, SAC consisted of fourteen (14) members. As the University continued to grow, the Staff Advisory Council expanded its membership to include additional representatives. In 2004, two members were added for a total of sixteen (16) and the most recent change occurred in 2009 when SAC was expanded to include twenty-four (24) members.


SAC currently consists of twenty-four (24) elected Representatives, 16 of which are based on Division and the remaining 8 are considered At Large.  SAC membership includes  Support Personnel (SP) employees and Administrative and Professional (A&P) employees who represent over 700 staff members.  Each Representative serves a two-year, staggered term. Elections are held on an annual basis in the spring of each year and all newly-elected members begin their terms on June 1st. Exceptions include members who are appointed to fill vacant positions.

Communication with Administration

The Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the Staff Advisory Council’s liaison to the President’s Cabinet and shares SAC’s recommendations and ideas with its members. SAC recommendations come from motions and resolutions adopted at SAC meetings and from the regular meetings held between the SAC president and the SAC liaison.

Communication with Staff

Staff Advisory Council representatives meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues and concerns which impact staff. In addition, SAC communicates with the staff by providing important information and updates on its website, including overviews of SAC committee meetings and re-caps of the SAC president’s meetings with the liaison; sending all-campus email messages to staff and faculty; posting important updates on its social media page; and by utilizing an established communication tree.

Shared Governance

SAC participates in Shared Governance through active representation on the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) and the PBC subcommittees. SAC also has the opportunity to make a five minute presentation at each FGCU Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting describing to trustees and members of administration SAC concerns and initiatives.

The Staff Advisory Council’s (SAC) Shared Governance Task Force was implemented by SAC in the Fall of 2013 and was charged with: 1) Examining the current impact that staff has at FGCU; 2) Examining how the Staff Advisory Council is currently incorporated into the concept of Shared Governance at FGCU; and 3) Providing recommendations on ways to better include the Staff Advisory Council within the concept of Shared Governance at FGCU.  The Task Force submitted its Final Report to SAC at the August 25, 2014 meeting and each of the recommendations that the Task Force presented passed with overwhelming support.  This final report, and all approved recommendations, were provided to President Bradshaw and members of the President’s Cabinet by SAC President Nicole Black on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014. SAC Shared Governance Task Force Final Report August 11, 2014

Representative History  

View the Historical Representation, 2000-2012

SAC Charter and Bylaws

You can view the SAC charter here: SAC Charter

You can view the SAC Bylaws here: SAC Bylaws

SAC Archives

If you are interested in obtaining any SAC archive materials (e.g., agendas, minutes or newsletters), please contact the SAC Secretary at

 SAC Photo


Staff Advisory Council members with President Bradshaw and SAC Liaison Dr. Rollo, October 2015