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Safe Zone

Safe Zone

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Safe Zone
General Information

Contact Information
Safe Zone
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd. S.
Howard Hall 228
Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565 

Phone: 590-7950

What is Safe Zone?


Safe Zone Training

Presentations are made in various classroom and university settings to promote understanding of the LGBTIQ culture. Information material is available through representation at events such as Campus Pride, PFLAG meetings, SWFL Pride Festival, as well as outreach in classrooms and residence life events. Safe Zone trainings occur monthly and are open to any student, faculty, or staff of FGCU. For specific requests for a presentation, contact the CAPS office (590-7950).

Safe Zones on Campus

Safe Zone areas on campus are those specific offices and individuals where the FGCU Safe Zone logo is displayed. These areas are individual work/personal space as well as the individual displaying the FGCU logo tag on their briefcase, backpack, or purse.


Participants are those individuals who are interested in learning more about the LGBTIQ population at FGCU by attending a Safe Zone training. We understand that people come from varied backgrounds and may want to attend Safe Zone for the learning experience, but may not wish to identify as an Ally. That's not a problem! Everyone is welcome at trainings.


Although many students, faculty, and staff support the LGBTIQ community, only those who have attended the training and signed the Ally Agreement are able to display the FGCU Safe Zone logo. The logo is intended as a way to easily identify allies with specific training and resources from the program - look for the Safe Zone! They can be easily identified by the FGCU Safe Zone log exhibited in their office or attached to their briefcases, backpacks, or purses. There have been over 400 students, faculty, and staff trained as Safe Zone Allies...


Trainers are Trainers are individuals who have attended a workshop specifically providing detailed training in issues affecting the LGBTIQ community and have experience in presenting the program.

The trainers include:

Judi Gibbons

Lauren Strunk

Santiago Vidaurri

Lexie McGarvey

Ysatiz Pinero