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Access 2016 Tutorials

Access 2016 Tutorials

Access 2016 Tutorials - Getting Started



Access 2016 Main Menu Customize   

File Menu Tab

The file menu tab allows you to create a new database. Open an existing database, save and save as, print, send, or close. One of the things you'll notice with the templates when launching Access, is that the default is now a Custom web app. So Access continues to move in the direction of a web development application as opposed to a database application, but we're going to click the next option, which is Blank desktop database.



Give it a name, and click Create.



The Ribbon

The ribbon is the panel at the top portion of the document. It has six tabs:  Home, Create, External Data, Database Tools, Fields, and Tables.  Each tab is divided into groups.  The groups are logical collections of features designed to perform function that you will utilize in developing or editing your Access database.



Commonly utilized features are displayed on the Ribbon.  To view additional features within each group, click the arrow at the bottom right corner of each group.



Home: Views, Clipboard, Sort & Filter, Records, Find, Text Formatting
Templates, Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros & Code
External Data:
Import & Link, Export
Database Tools:
Tools, Macro, Relationships, Analyze, Move Data, Add-Ins
Fields: Views, Add & Delete, Properties, Formatting, Field Validation
Tables: Properties, Before Events, After Events, Named Macros, Relationships


Quick Access Toolbar

The quick access toolbar is a customizable toolbar that contains commands that you may want to use.  You can place the quick access toolbar above or below the ribbon.  To change the location of the quick access toolbar, click on the error at the end of the toolbar and click Show Below the Ribbon.



Access 2016 Main Menu Customize