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Access 2016 Tutorials

Access 2016 Tutorials

Access 2016 Tutorials - Designing Forms

 Designing Forms Access 2016 Main Menu Generating Reports   

Forms allow you to control the look and feel of the screen for the input of data and the reports generated.

Form Views

There are three ways to view forms in Access:

Design View

Allows you to design a form that includes a header, a footer, and details in the form.  You can also add images and control which fields appear on the form.

Form View

This is a dynamic page which allows the user to enter and edit data or navigate through data in a field.

Layout View

This view allows you to design the form and manipulate data.


Create a Form

You can create a form from a table or a query.  To create a form:

  • Click the Create tab
  • Click the Form Design button


  • Click the Design Tab
  • Click the Add Existing Fields Button
  • In the Field List box on the right, click and drag the fields you would like on the form


  • To change the colors and fonts, click the Property Sheet button on the Arrange Tab
  • Choose the Section you wish to modify
  • Choose the properties you wish to modify

To preview the form:

  • Click the Views button on the Home tab
  • Click the Form View button

Form Wizard

You can create forms with the help of the Form Wizard.  To use the form wizard:

  • On the Create tab, click the More Forms down arrow
  • Click Form Wizard


  • Choose the Tables/Queries that you wish to have on the form
  • Choose the fields you wish to have on the forms
  • Click Next


  • Choose the layout for the form
  • Click Next


  • Create a title for the form
  • Choose whether you want to open the form to view it or modify the form’s design
  • Click Finish


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