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Access 2016 Tutorials

Access 2016 Tutorials

Access 2016 Tutorials - Querying a Database

 Managing Data Access 2016 Main Menu Calculated Fields   

A query allows you to select and filter data from multiple tables.  Queries can be saved and utilized as often as you need them.

Query Wizard

The Query Wizard walks you through the steps to set up a query.  To run a query using the query wizard:

  • Click the Create tab
  • Click the Query Wizard button


  • Choose the type of query you wish to run
  • Click OK


  • Choose the fields you wish to include from each table
  • To select fields from different tables, click the Tables/Queries down arrow
  • Click Next

Insert pic of query wizard

  • Type in a title for the query
  • Click Finish
  • The query will display


To switch between tables and queries:

  • Open the Navigation Pane
  • Double click the name of the table or query you wish to view


Query Design Feature

You can also design a query with the Query Design Button.  To design a query using the Query Design Button:

  • Click the Query Design Button on the Create tab


  • Select the tables that you would like to query
  • Click Add


  • Double click the name of the field you would like to query
  • Repeat this process for as many fields as you would like in the query


  • Click Run

Query Criteria

Query criteria are search conditions used in a query to retrieve specific data.  You can set query criteria to be a specific number or data set, or you can set the criteria to be a range of data.


Will only display items that are that exact value (replace the word value with what you want to search by)


Is equal to

Less than


Less than or equal to

Greater than


Greater than or equal to


Not equal to

Between X and Y

Within a range (replace X & Y with values)

Is Null

Null values


True only if both conditions exist


True if either condition exist


True if the single instance is not true


To specify search criteria:

  • Click the query that you wish to add conditions
  • Type in the appropriate query criteria in the Criteria Box

 Managing Data Access 2016 Main Menu Calculated Fields