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Technology Skills Orientation

Technology Skills Orientation

Zip/UnZip Tutorials


Zipping/Unzipping a Folder or File- Windows PC

How to Zip (compress) a Folder or File

  1. Right click on the folder or file you want to zip
  2. Scroll down to “Send To
  3. Click on “Compressed Zipped Folder
  4. A .zip file containing the folder or file will be created.
    Note: The zip file will be located where the folder or file you selected to zip is located (i.e. If a folder on the Desktop named “Assignment_04” was zipped, then a zip file “” will appear on the Desktop).

Zip File

How to Extract Contents from a Zip File

  1. Right click on the zip file
  2. Click on “Open
  3. On the left side of the window under Folder Tasks, click “Extract all files”.
  4. Follow the directions as you work through the extraction process.

Zip/Unzip a Folder or File-Mac

How to Zip a Folder

  • Click to highlight the folder.
  • Hold Ctrl and Click
  • Click on Compress “(Name of Folder Here)”

Unzip Mac File

How to Unzip a Folder

  • Double Click to unzip a file