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FGCU Testing Services

FGCU Testing Services

Testing Services

Testing Services



Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

McTarnaghan Hall, Room 204
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

Review Workshops


What is the Graduate Record Examinations or GRE?

The GRE General Test and the GRE Subject Tests are taken by individuals applying to graduate programs, such as:

  • Natural science,
  • Social sciences,
  • Business,
  • Humanities,
  • Arts,
  • Education.

The GRE General Test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. These skills have been developed over a long period of time and are not related to a specific field of study, but are important for all. The test closely aligns with the types of skills that are required for success in today’s demanding graduate and business school programs.

The GRE Subject Tests measure achievement in specific subject areas and assume undergraduate majors or extensive background in those disciplines. These tests are available in the following disciplines:

  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Literature in English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Physics,
  • Psychology.

Please find more information on the GRE 2017 – 18 information bulletin, or by visiting the ETS’s GRE website.

Who owns the GRE?

The Educational Testing Service, or ETS, organization is a team of education experts, researchers and assessment developers who believe that, through learning, people can improve their situations in life and make incredible contributions to the world.

Please find more information by visiting the ETS official website.

What is the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT lets you showcase the skills that matter most in business school and beyond.

Who owns the GMAT?

Preparing for and taking the GMAT exam is your opportunity to show schools that you’re committed to a graduate business education. The Graduate Management Admission Council, or GMAC, the global non-profit council of business schools and owner of the GMAT exam, takes your commitment seriously by ensuring the security and integrity of the exam everywhere around the world.

Please find more information on the GMAT Official website.

Where can I find review workshops for the GRE and GMAT?

Testing and Assessment is proud to make review workshops available to our community and students who are thinking about undertaking a graduate program in Florida Gulf Coast University.

With our Review Workshops we aim to provide an intensive review of the verbal and mathematical skills required to score well on the GRE and GMAT.

Please note:

  • It will cover only those test sections which are required for admission to FGCU.
  • Mathematics skills needed prior to admission include arithmetic, algebra and geometry.
  • Necessary verbal skills include vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension.
  • This workshop is not intended to replace a full semester course in any of the above mentioned areas.

When would the GRE and GMAT Review Workshops available?

The workshops have a duration of 12 weeks. The first seven weeks are dedicated to math, and, five weeks to review English.

The GRE Review Workshop is intended to start no later than Wednesday August 29th, 2018. It would be held every consecutive Wednesday afterwards with a make-up date in December should the necessity arise. The class is intended to last an hour each week.

The GMAT Review Workshop is intended to start no later than Thursday August 30th, 2018. It would be held every consecutive Thursday afterwards with a make-up date in December should the necessity arise. The class is intended to last an hour each week.

What is the price of the Review Workshops?

The cost of the course is $450 non-refundable which will cover the instruction for 12 sessions.

Where can I find more information?

We are working hard on finalizing details. Please refer to this webpage frequently for updates. For more information you can always email us.