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University Police Department

University Police Department




Emergency Notification & Warning System

Outdoor Siren:

 As Part of the FGCU Alert System, the University has an outdoor warning siren for the main academic core of campus.

The siren is designed to be heard outdoors only. It is not intended to be heard within buildings. Although the primary purpose is the academic core, it is possible the siren will be heard in North Lake Village and South Village.

In the event of an emergency which threatens the safety of persons outdoors, the University may sound the siren. The alert tones are very loud and distinct and should be easily heard by anyone who is outdoors within the academic core.

Regardless of the reason for the siren, the course of action to be taken is to seek shelter in the nearest building and seek further information from other FGCU Alert components: text messaging, e-mails, Axis TV or FGCU homepage.

Examples of events which the siren may be activated include:

    • Weather Emergencies
    •           Tornado Warning
    • Other emergencies:
    •             Dangerous Situations
                  Hazardous Conditions
    • Administrative
    •             Testing- will be proceeded by text and e-mail announcement

Not all FGCU Alerts will require the use of the siren. The siren will be activated when the best course of action is for community members to seek shelter.

Law enforcement actions, such as the response to an active shooter, may or may not necessitate the sounding of the siren. Use of the siren or other components of the FGCU Alert System during any law enforcement activity will be at the direction of University Police.