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Office of Undergraduate Studies

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies Mentoring and Special Programs



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Mission Statement:

The mission of the FGCU Office of Undergraduate Studies Mentor Programs, in alignment with our Florida Gulf Coast University mission and guiding principles, is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity for enhanced academic, cultural, career, and social development. Student mentors offer guidance and support in academic, personal, and service-oriented development by creating high-impact educational experiences and fostering a learning environment focused on mutual collaboration and achievement.

 Why Mentoring and Special Programs?

  • Mentoring is a proven tool in assisting in student success in graduation rates.
  • Mentor programs increase retention (up to 97% at FGCU).
  • Mentors serve as role models and guides in strategic areas of study, including STEM. 

 UGS Mentor Programs:

  • Honors College

-program for first-year Honors College students 

  • Accelerated Collegiate Experience (ACE) Program

-program for first-year ACE students 

  • Leadership Through Service (LTS) Living Learning Community

-program for first-year students interested in service-learning opportunities 

  • Women in STEM (WiSTEM) Living Learning Community

-program for first-year female students majoring in a STEM field 

  • Student-Athlete Learning Center

-program for student-athletes 

  • Step Ahead Program

-program for first-year Step Ahead students

 Center for Academic Achievement Peer Advisor Leader (PAL) Program

-programs for first-year students and students enrolled in SLS 1501 Effective Learning

 PAGES Humanities Program

-program for students majoring in Humanities disciplines

 FGCU Fast Facts:

  • 97 mentors in 2016
  • Over 900 mentees
  • 11% Increase in 1.01+ GPA for mentees in CAA PAL program
  • Increased university retention and six-year graduation rate
  • Improved Academic Progress Rate
  • Campus involvement improvement
  • NCAA student-athlete academic performance improvement
  • Service-learning community connectedness
  • Average GPA improvement
  • Promotion of STEM majors and education
  • Support of Humanities initiatives
  • Expedited major identification
  • Career planning assistance
  • University resource awareness
  • Promotion of internships, research, scholarships
  • 91 % graduation rate in Math (MAT 1033)
  • 100% graduation rate in Writing (ENC 1130)
  • Expedited transition for first-year students to university life

 More Information:

For more information, please contact Serina Bolinsky, Coordinator, Mentoring Programs