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Office of Undergraduate Studies

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Office of Undergraduate Studies
Offices in Undergraduate Studies
Projects and Activities

Office of Undergraduate Studies
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565

Dr. Dawn Kirby, Dean 

Diane Bova
Budget Manager
(239) 745-4246

Shelby Smith
Administrative Assistant
(239) 745-4504

Located on the second floor of Edwards Hall, Suite 214

Vision and Mission



All undergraduates become mindful citizens with a commitment to self, others, community, and place.


Through collaboration and innovation the Office of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) offers students transformative opportunities to become lifelong learners and interconnected citizens.

  • We promote collaboration and innovation, bringing together students, educators, and community partners in the development of unique initiatives, curriculum, and pedagogy.


  • Students experience transformative opportunities, resulting from a challenging and richly diverse environment that provides university experiences, which build on and enrich the classroom experience.


  • Students develop into lifelong learners, approaching their personal, social, and scholarly worlds with a spirit of inquiry founded in liberal education, which cultivates skills vital for success.


  • As interconnected citizens, students practice and promote community building and engagement, fostering their commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and understanding of social and ecological interdependence.  


 Collaborate, Innovate, Transform