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Prevention and Wellness

Prevention and Wellness

Cash Cab


Cash Cab

What is Cash Cab? 

Yes, Cash Cab is like the TV show and has become just as popular at FGCU! It is a way for students to get free rides to anyplace on campus and win prizes along the way.  The Prevention & Wellness Cash Cab is staffed by two of our Peer Educators and runs randomly several times a month. Look for the Prevention & Wellness golf cart with the “Cash Cab” sign on top—if you see us, flag us down for a ride!

How does it work?

Students on Cash Cab are asked wellness-related questions. Questions are on topics such as sexual health, alcohol, drugs and nutrition. The more questions students answer correctly, the better the prize they leave with will be. (Sorry, we do not give out cash.) Students are not thrown off Cash Cab for incorrect answers. And all rides are free! At the end of the ride, students get a sticker that reads “I hitched a ride with Cash Cab!”

What is the goal?

Our goal with Cash Cab is to connect with students who have not been to one of our programs or events, or stopped into our office yet.  Cash Cab allows us to engage with students in a casual but meaningful way, where they have a good time while getting some wellness-related information relevant to their lives as college students. Cash Cab is a unique and innovative means of health promotion, giving us the chance to meet more students, and have fun on campus doing wellness education.

What is Celebrity Cash Cab?

Prevention and Wellness invites members from other FGCU departments "Celebrities" the opportunity to ride along on the Prevention and Wellness Cash Cab and educate students riders about the services their office offers.


To sign up for celebrity cash cab, visit: