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Prevention and Wellness

Prevention and Wellness



Free iDrinkSmarter App for FGCU Students and Staff


What is iDrinkSmarter?

iDrinkSmarter is an app for your phone (iPhone or Android) that helps you keep track of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) so you can have a safe night out if you choose to drink. It is free for FGCU students and staff, but is a yearly subscription paid for by Prevention & Wellness.

How do I get the app and how does it work?

For instructions on how to download the app, please go here. Although you will use your email address to sign up for the app, the information you provide when using the app is not released the school in any way. It is for your own personal use.

Once you enter your information, the app will give you personalized information about your BAC, as well as red flags to look for when drinking, and other important tips and information about how to “stay in your green zone” and still have a good time.

What is the goal?

People often use the phrase “drink responsibly” but don’t always define what that means. While it can include several things, learning what a relatively safe BAC is, and how to get and stay there for a night if you choose to drink, is a big part of it. With that in mind, our goal in purchasing a subscription to iDrinkSmarter for the FGCU community is to help people become more educated about their alcohol use, and to, as the app says, “drink smarter.”

We tell students that the “happy buzz” they are looking for from alcohol happens between a BAC of .02 and .06; a BAC past that increases your risk for negative things, such as saying or doing something you may regret later, making a decision to drive, or your wallet taking a major hit because of money spent on alcohol. We suggest to students that if they can learn how to get and stay between a .02-.06 for the night, they will be able to enjoy the things they like about alcohol with a reduced risk of negative side effects, and this app can help with that.

Want to get additional tips about how to “drink smarter”? Check out more of our website or stop by our office to pick up some information from our Free Resource Area.