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Prevention and Wellness

Prevention and Wellness



We are always looking for creative ways to connect with FGCU students on wellness topics. One of our Peer Educators took this concept, often used in traditional residence halls, and wanted to execute it on main campus. Working with the Vice President of Student Affairs and FGCU Physical Plant for project approval, we debuted our first InSTALLment in July 2013 to rave reviews. 

Wellness InSTALLments are featured in 173 bathroom stalls and can be found at 17 locations on campus. New InSTALLments will appear at the start of each month. They are written by our Peer Educators and go through a final edit before publication.

We will archive InSTALLments here: RA's can print these for bulletin boards, or you can see what the "Question of the Month" is for your chance to win a gift card for $10 Eagle Dollars. We hope you enjoy these InSTALLments as much as we enjoy putting them together for the campus community. 



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