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Prevention and Wellness

Prevention and Wellness

Our Approach


Prevention & Wellness focuses on a responsible decision-making approach, encouraging FGCU students to become informed consumers when it comes to wellness issues and to make responsible decisions regarding their health. This mission is accomplished by our growing Peer Education group called Peers CARE, programming, events, outreach and health promotion efforts. We use this approach no matter what the context, whether connecting with an individual student, a group of students or the campus-at-large.

P&W also utilizes a Social Norms approach. Our developing social norms campaign delivers research-based statistics about the choices and behaviors of FGCU students through a solid and creative marketing plan. The goal is to educate students about the actual alcohol and other drug use of their peers and to challenge the perceived norm.

A harm reduction approach is used by challenging FGCU students to reduce their harm when it comes to high-risk activities, particularly when it comes to alcohol and sexual health, but this is applied to many wellness issues as well. Here, we aim to demonstrate to students that even small steps in some of these areas can reduce their harm to negative consequences without taking away from their experience. 

Future goals include using a harm reduction approach on a larger-scale, creating campus-wide programs focused on that approach, as well as adding an environmental management approach, which is a large-scale effort requiring additional staff and involving the community.