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Whitaker Center

Whitaker Center

Darren Rumbold

Professor, Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences
Phone: (239) 590-7527
Office: Seidler - 432

My research interests are eclectic but do have a common theme in stress ecology, most recently involving chemical stressors. I have published papers on mangroves, marine invertebrates, fishes, wading birds, snail kites, alligators and sea turtles. Most of my work has taken place in the Everglades, Florida Bay and the Keys. My current research can best be described as landscape ecotoxicology and risk assessment, especially dealing with South Florida’s mercury problem. But over the years, I have investigated the transport, fate and effects of a wide range of other metals, metalloids and organics including lead, copper, selenium, organochlorine pesticides and dioxin. In the near future, I would like to branch off from my mercury studies to return to an earlier line of work employing early-life stage bioassays as a means to evaluate water quality.

Photograph Title: Going up Taylor River
Traveling up Taylor River in a ganoe into the mosquito (and crocodile) infested Florida Bay mangrove ecotone to collect samples for mercury analysis.