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Whitaker Center

Whitaker Center

Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science (GEMS)



Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS) is a hands-on program dedicated to science education for regional middle school girls by enthusiastic professionals and undergraduates as facilitators and role models in a girls-only environment. GEMS provides a launching pad to develop an early interest in engineering, math, and science as an impetus to higher education and highly-skilled careers. Previous activities have included bioengineering, chemistry, biological science, biotechnology, forensics, astronomy, math, civil engineering and environmental science.

GEMS dates for Fall 2018

  • Saturday, November 3, 2018
    - Mathemusics
    - Fibonacci and Flowers: That Spiraled Quickly

GEMS dates for Spring 2019

  • Saturday, January 26, 2019
  • Saturday, February 23, 2019

 We are actively looking for GEMS sponsors for the Fall! Contact the Whitaker Center if you can help. (239) 590-7444.


Please enter your email here to receive a notification when the next GEMS registration opens!

Acceptance is provided on a first come, first served basis with priority given to first time participants. You will receive a confirmation email after you register online.  Please check early, we cannot guarantee space as the event fill up quickly.

Registration for the Novemver 3rd GEMS event is now open!


Mathemusics- Estelle Ayomen, Biology Major, FGCU

Fibonacci & Flowers: That Spiraled Quick- Anabella Maria Galang, Founder and President, The STEMinist Movement

A special thank you to the dedicated teachers, FGCU students and faculty who have helped to make this program great for our middle school girls!

 Watch a video from the March event here:

To view pictures from GEMS events here:

More Information about GEMS

 What is the Program?

 This half-day event is for middle school girls to engage in hands-on activities related to engineering, math and science. 

GEMS participants engaging in a directed dissection    Where is the program going to be held?

   All activities will be held on the Florida Gulf Coast University campus in

   Fort Myers. Directions will be sent out to all registered participants.

   When will the next program be held?

   The next event will be announced about 1 month in advance.



Does the program cost anything?

This program is FREE to all participants. Registration is required.

Who will be in the program?

GEMS is for middle school girls from our local community.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes that you would wear each day to school.

What will happen?

Girls will engage in two hands-on activities in a STEM area developed and led by FGCU faculty and student assistants.  

Do my parents/guardians need to be there?

No. All activities are supervised by university personnel.

How do I get there?

Each participant will need to arrange her transportation to and from

the FGCU campus each day. Registration runs fromGEMS participants in front of Whitaker Hall

8:30-9:00 am and the program begins after registration

is completed (around 9:00AM) and ends at 12:30PM.


Archive of Past GEMS Event Activities


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