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The Writing Center

The Writing Center

Mission, Vision, and Values


Writing Center Mission and Vision


It is the mission of the FGCU Writing Center to encourage and support campus writers and writing communities through individual writing consultations, group workshops, presentations, discussions, and events that celebrate and foster writing. 


The Writing Center will act as a campus writing hub while embracing innovation and education to assist members of the FGCU community in becoming stronger writers and thinkers.


  1. Accompany FGCU students in the pursuit of academic expression through writing.
  2. Promote critical thinking, foster skills development, and encourage collaboration in an open, supportive environment.
  3. Help writers have confidence in themselves and in their writing.
  4. Validate the power of the student's own voice.
  5. Acknowledge that writing is a skill that students can improve on through guidance, practice, and perseverance.
  6. Use our sessions with students to motivate, inspire, and encourage.