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The Writing Center

The Writing Center




  • Assistance is available to all FGCU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • Writing consultants will work only with the writer - no exceptions. To do a session for a group paper, all members of the group must be present.
  • The Writing Center staff does not assist students with exams, take-home or otherwise.
  • We can best assist you if you bring both your assignment and assignment guidelines. You can bring these in any format (printed, on your own computer, on a flashdrive, saved online, etc.), whatever works best for you!



  • On your first visit, you will be registered in our software. You may also register online ahead of time.
  • Thirty-minute sessions are available on a walk-in basis and by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (239) 590-7141 or by going online. For a walk-in, simply visit the Writing Center to sign in.
  • Walk-in sessions are first come, first served. Wait times vary depending on multiple factors. Walk-in sessions cannot be reserved or held, so if you leave the Writing Center, you forfeit your spot in line. Students waiting for sessions are welcome to use The Swamp, a workspace equipped with tables and computer stations.
  • Back-to-back sessions are not permitted. We recommend that you take time between sessions to revise your work. If you have a lengthier assignment and would like to request extra time, contact the Writing Center at or call us at (239) 590-7141.  Back-to-back walk-in sessions may be considered if no other students are waiting for assistance. If there are students waiting and you would like to wait for another session, you are welcome to work in The Swamp, our workspace for students.  
  • Final appointment and walk-in sessions begin thirty minutes before closing. If you arrive at the Writing Center thirty minutes before closing and all Writing Consultants are assisting other students, you will need to return at a different time.
  • Students who miss 2 appointments without cancelling will have to wait one month before utilizing our appointment service (although you will still be able to visit the Writing Center for walk-ins). 
  • Distance learning sessions are reserved for students in all online classes and for students who cannot come to the Writing Center during our hours of operation. Please allow 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays) for a Writing Consultant to respond.  Students are asked to wait at least 24 hours and revise before re-submitting an assignment for another distance learning session.  


During a session

  • Our consultants provide strategies and guidance to help students become more effective writers. Our goal is to help you improve your overall skills rather than merely “fix” one specific paper. As the writer, you are an active participant in the session. Anything your tutor says is a suggestion: ultimately your writing is yours and you are the one making all decisions and revisions.
  • We are not a proofreading or editing service. However, we can assist with proofreading and editing strategies that help you learn to recognize and correct grammatical errors independently.
  • While we are happy to help with brainstorming and idea development, students who have questions about their assignment guidelines should speak with their professor prior to visiting the Writing Center. If you do not have a clear understanding of the assignment in question, the writing consultant will recommend that you contact your professor for clarification. 
  • Writing consultants may offer suggestions for revision based on a professor's comments, but they will not predict, explain, or assess the validity of a grade on an assignment. Consultants will encourage students to take questions regarding grades directly to their professors.


Behavior in the Writing Center

  • During sessions, students are asked to refrain from using their cellphones.
  • Students are expected to respect others at the Writing Center.  Individuals who fail to follow the directions of the staff or who engage in unacceptable behavior, such as academic dishonesty or disruptive conduct, may be asked to leave and/or be subject to disciplinary action by the University.
  • All visitors to the Writing Center are expected to follow the FGCU Student Code of Conduct, which can be found here.
  • While working in The Swamp, please work quietly so as not to disturb other students, and be mindful and respectful of the space.