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The Writing Center

The Writing Center


New Student FAQs
Do I need an appointment?
No. Sessions are available on a walk-in basis for thirty minutes.
Can I cancel an appointment?
Yes. You can cancel up to five minutes before your session.  Learn more about cancelling an appointment.
What if I miss an appointment and forget to cancel?
Missing appointments and forgetting to cancel is taking away time other students could have used to improve their writing.  If you miss an appointment and forget to cancel, you will need to wait one month before utilizing our appointment service (although you will still be able to visit the Writing Center for walk-ins). 

Can I access my tutor's feedback?
Yes.  At your request, the Writing Center will email it to you.  Or, you can call the Writing Center at (239) 590-7141 or email us at to ask for your feedback to be emailed to you.

How can a writing consultant help me improve my writing skills?
Writing Center sessions are designed to assist you in improving your ability to write and revise independently. Consultants can help you develop your writing skills through assistance with prewriting, writing, and revising strategies. Consultants help with brainstorming, formulating a clear thesis, developing and organizing your ideas, and revising. Writing consultants can also work with you to facilitate improvement in documentation format and mechanics.
Do I need to have a completed draft of the assignment before visiting the Writing Center?
No. You are welcome to visit the Center at any stage in the writing process.  It is often helpful to discuss your ideas if you are having difficulty beginning the assignment.
Will you proofread or edit my paper? 
Our primary goals are to help you improve your abilities to think independently, write critically, and learn and implement writing strategies that will assist you in producing successful college-level essays. This means that although we would be happy to help you identify issues of style and mechanics, we do not edit or proofread. Writing Center sessions focus on fostering skills rather than on correcting errors. You cannot simply drop off your paper. You are an essential part of the tutoring session.
How long are the sessions? 
Writing Center sessions are approximately thirty minutes for walk-ins and appointments. We have found it is most helpful to focus on one major issue (such as the thesis statement, development, adding source information, documentation, or grammar/mechanics) per session as opposed to trying to cover all aspects of the essay at once. 
How many sessions can I have in a day? 
You can have two sessions a day.  This policy is to allow you the time needed to revise your work and give other students the opportunity to use the Writing Center's services.  To discuss special arrangements, please call us at (239) 590-7141 or email us at
Can I have two sessions back-to-back?
No--but we do make exceptions for special circumstances.  We find that sessions are most effective when students have the time to revise, and not allowing back-to-back sessions gives you the opportunity to revise.  Please revise your work after the first session and then come back for a second session. If you have a lengthier assignment and would like to request extra time, contact the Writing Center at (239) 590-7141 or email us at 
Can I bring in more than one paper? 
You will only have approximately thirty minutes with a writing consultant, so it is best to bring in one paper at a time. If you would like to complete another session and there are students waiting to see a consultant, you will have to wait until another consultant is available (or make an appointment).  Two sessions in a single day are permitted.
Can I email my paper for a consultant to review?
We have found that one-on-one sessions are much more effective in person. Though it may seem easier to just email your paper to us, sometimes it is a much lengthier process because you do not have the benefit of instant feedback, the quick exchange of ideas, or prompt answers to questions that may arise; however, we do offer online sessions through email for students enrolled in virtual courses who are unable to visit the Writing Center during our hours of operation. See our Online Sessions section for more information.
Will my instructor know that I came into the Writing Center?
If you would like your instructor notified about your visit to the Writing Center, ask your consultant during the session, and a record of your visit will be emailed.  If your instructor inquires about your visit, we will let the professor know when you attended and what was discussed in the session.
Do you help graduate students?
Yes. If you are not on campus during our regular hours of operation, you can utilize our online session services.  For more information on our online sessions, click here.
Does the Writing Center help with dissertations or thesis projects?
If you have something specific that you would like to work on within your thesis project, you are welcome to visit the Writing Center for a session. Generally, with projects of this length, you may not be able to work on your entire project given the thirty minute session length.
Do you help with group projects?
We do help with group projects, and we encourage the entire group to visit when working on these assignments. Though we understand if your whole group is not able to attend the same session, we are only able to help the person who has written the content, or section of the content since there may be questions regarding clarity that can only be addressed by the writer.