Records & Registration

2019-2020 Catalog Year

Grade Point Average Calculation

Florida Gulf Coast University’s grading system includes grades of
A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, I, NR, S, U, W, WE, WF, WX, X, and Z.

Grade Definition Quality Points PerSemester Hour
A   4.0
A-   3.7
B+   3.3
B   3.0
B-   2.7
C+   2.3
C   2.0
C-   1.7
D+   1.3
D   1.0
D-   0.7
F Failure 0.0
I Incomplete 0.0
NR Not Reported by instructor 0.0
S Satisfactory 0.0
U Unsatisfactory 0.0
W Withdrawal without academic penalty 0.0
WE Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances 0.0
WF Withdrawal with academic penalty 0.0
WX Withdrawal from Co-req course without academic penalty 0.0
X Audit (no academic credit) 0.0
Z Thesis/Dissertation Continuation 0.0

It is the option of the college, department or instructor to use all, some, or none of the plus/minus grades in assigning student grades in a course, as long as the grading system is communicated to students via the course syllabi at the beginning of the course. Numerical ranges corresponding to letter grades are established for each course according to the professional judgment of the instructor.

Some colleges, departments, and programs have established minimum grade requirements. In these instances, a grade of C- does not satisfy the requirement of a minimum grade of C, and a grade of B- does not satisfy the requirement of a minimum grade of B.

The grades of D+, D, and D-, while considered passing for undergraduate students, may not be acceptable for some courses (see program requirements).

Earned credit hours are not assigned in courses with grades of F, I, U, W, WF, X, and Z (see definitions). A grade of NR will be posted for grades not reported by the instructor. A NR grade will be converted to an F at the end of the following semester.

Incomplete (I) grade. A student who is passing a course but who has not completed all of the required coursework by the end of the term may, with the permission of the instructor, be assigned a grade of I. A grade of I is not computed in a student’s GPA.

An incomplete (I) grade cannot be assigned to a course if the student fails to attend the course, drops the course after the drop/add period, or withdraws from the university. A student, who registers for a course but fails to meet the course requirements, without officially dropping the course, will receive a grade of F in the course.

To initiate consideration for a grade of I, a student must contact the instructor before grades are reported. The decision to award a grade of I is solely the decision of the instructor. Should a professor decide to assign the grade, both the student and the professor must complete and retain a copy of an Incomplete Grade Agreement Form. The maximum amount of time to complete coursework to remove a grade of I is one year from the ending date of the semester for which the grade was assigned or graduation whichever comes first; however, instructors may restrict the amount of time given to the student to complete the coursework. After one year, a grade of I will be changed to an F if the instructor has reported no grade. A student may not re-register for a course in which he or she currently has an incomplete (I) grade. Once an incomplete (I) grade has converted to a failing grade (F), the grade may not be converted back to an incomplete (I) grade or to a regular grade. Exceptions due to university error may be approved by the college Dean (or his/her designee) with supporting justification attached to a change of grade form.

Students approved for reinstatement by the Reinstatement Appeal Committee after the deadline expires are not eligible for the grade assignment of incomplete (I).

Final grade reports. Grades are available via Gulfline at The university does not mail final grade reports. Students needing written verification of grades should submit a request for an unofficial or official transcript to the Office of Records & Registration.

Change of grade. A request for a change of grade will be considered only during the term immediately following the term in which the grade was assigned. Grades assigned during the spring semester may be changed during the following summer or fall terms. The dean (or his/her designee) of the college offering the course must approve grade changes. Exceptions to the time limitation may be approved by the college dean (or his/her designee) with supporting justification attached to the Change of Grade form.

Grades will not be changed after a degree or certificate has been awarded.

Grade appeal. All student grade appeals or allegations should first be brought to the attention of the instructor of the course. Students are responsible to present documents or evidence supporting the grade appeal to the instructor within one semester after the grade issuance. Students and faculty should attempt to resolve the problem in a timely and satisfactory manner. Students dissatisfied with the instructor’s decision, or if the faculty is not available, the student may pursue an informal solution with the Chair of the department.

If not satisfied with the resolution of the informal procedures, the student may file a formal written appeal with the Office of the Dean of the College in which the course is offered. Each college shall establish an Academic Grade Appeal Committee, for the purpose of reviewing and rendering decisions concerning all formal grade appeals to the College Dean. The College Dean will approve or deny the appeal committee’s findings. Written notification to the student will be provided within 15 days of receipt of the student’s request.

A final appeal process is provided whereby the student, after receiving notification of the Academic Grade Appeal Committee’s decision, may file a request for review with the Office of the Provost. The Provost, acting as a representative of the University President, shall render a final decision. Copies of the Provost’s final decision shall be provided to the student, the College Dean, the Academic Grade Appeal Committee Chair, the department Chair, the University Registrar, and the course instructor within 10 days of receipt of the student’s request for renew.

For additional information, refer to the Grade Appeal Process section of the academic catalog.