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2019-2020 Catalog Year

Military Call to Active Duty Policy

When a student is called for active military duty during a term in which s/he is enrolled, the eligible student may elect the following:

  1. Completely withdraw from the University without academic penalty. In order to qualify for this option, a student must elect to completely withdrawal from the University.
    • The student must complete a Withdrawal Application and Fee Adjustment Request forms and provide a copy of his/her active duty orders to the Office of the Registrar. Orders will serve as supporting documentation for the refund of tuition and fees.
    • The Fee Adjustment form will be submitted to the Fee Appeal Committee for action. Tuition and general fees will be fully refundable.
    • Housing will be refunded based on the number of days the room was occupied. In order to receive a refund from the Office of Housing and Residence Life, the student must complete all check out procedures as noted in the Housing Rules and Regulations Manual and submit written request for refund. The student will be asked to provide a copy of their active duty orders.
    • The student will be responsible for any miscellaneous charges such as library fines, parking tickets, etc.
    • If the student is called for active duty and subsequently released in a manner that would allow him/her to re-enroll during the semester in which s/he withdraw, the University will make every effort to accommodate the request. Faculty involved will determine the appropriateness of returning to a course.
    • If the student is receiving financial aid during the term in which s/he is called to active duty, financial aid must be repaid according to federal and state guidelines before the University will issue a refund.
  2. Students who are required to report for military duty after the last day to withdrawal without academic penalty, as stated in the University's Academic Calendar of Events, and after completion of at least 75% of the enrollment period in a non-standard semester may:
    • In working with the instructor, elect to complete all final papers, projects and/or exams prior to reporting for active duty in order to receive full credit for all courses. Students are not eligible for refunds for courses which s/he receive credit; or
    • Request an incomplete grade in a course and complete the remaining specified course requirements as agreed and stipulated in the Incomplete Grade Contract form upon return from active duty. The student will have the full time allowed under the Incomplete Grade policy. Upon re-enrollment to the University, a student will have one year to complete the incomplete coursework outlined on the Incomplete Grade Agreement Form. If the coursework is not completed within the appropriate time frame, the course grade will convert to a failing grade. Under federal financial aid policies, a grade of incomplete may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility for future terms. Eligible students who receive an incomplete for any course for which s/he is enrolled shall not be entitled to a refund of tuition or fees paid.


  1. Students called to active duty prior to or on the last day to withdrawal without academic penalty may not select Option 2 (above). Students must select complete withdrawal with refund.
  2. Students unable to complete the above process due to military call-up time constraints, may submit an appeal for grade change, late withdrawal and/or conduct issue after s/he leaves the University but no later than six months after discharge or release from active duty. A copy of the discharge papers will be requested at the time of re-enrollment.
  3. Students who select incomplete grade option must begin completion of the course requirements, as noted on Incomplete Grade Contact, no later than six months after discharge or release from active duty. A copy of the discharge papers will be requested at the time of re-enrollment.