Undergraduate Admissions

2017-2018 Catalog Year

Changing Admission Term

A student who does not enroll the semester to which he or she has been admitted may change his or her admission to a future term by submitting a Change of Admission Term form. A change of application term may only be granted for 2 terms after, or 1 term before, the original application term. The applicant’s request will be processed if space is available and he or she is admissible for the new term. Admissions for the new term is not guaranteed. If an applicant was denied admissions, or this is his or her second request to change an admissions term, a new application and fee must be submitted. A denied applicant cannot submit this form. If a student attends another post-secondary institution in the interim, an official transcript of all work attempted is required. A new application and application fee are required when deferring admission to a term beginning more than two terms after the original admission term or if the student requests a change of term for the second time. The change of term form must be sent to Undergraduate Admissions before the application deadline for the new term, by emailing it to undergrad@fgcu.edu or faxing it to 239-590-7894.

An applicant changing his or her term of admissions must notify the following offices: 1) Financial Aid, 2) Housing, and 3) the Registrar’s Office, if enrolled in classes in the original term, to ensure proper withdrawal from classes to avoid tuition & fee charges. If an applicant is interested in limited access programs, he or she should contact these programs for more information. Any applicant previously awarded a Tuition Waiver must re-apply for a waiver for the new term.