University Notices

2017-2018 Catalog Year

Campus Environment

A unique attribute of our campus is the over 300 acres of wetland and upland preserves, home to a variety of wildlife - including turkeys, deer, alligators, hogs, bald eagles, indigo snakes, gopher tortoises, raccoons, opossums, and even an occasional panther or bear. The University endeavors to protect all wildlife, but in particular the wildlife species that are designated as endangered or protected by federal and state law and regulations. Warning notices of protected species are posted at various locations throughout campus. Wild animals must not be fed or approached. Unfortunately, some animals have become accustomed to the presence of people and are attracted to waste receptacles, dumpsters, or food spilled or left uneaten at outside tables. Please warn people not to approach wildlife and notify campus police if you observe wildlife approaching people. The University will relocate or remove wild animals if necessary. Finally, please observe all posted speed limits to minimize collisions with wildlife. Thank you for helping keep the University's wildlife healthy and wild - and people safe!