Tuition Fees and Student Accounts

2020-2021 Catalog Year

Florida Prepaid College Plan (FPCP)

If you are enrolled in the Florida Prepaid College Tuition and/or Housing Plan the corresponding amount(s) will be posted on your account once the rates have been released for that semester by Florida Prepaid; no additional steps are needed on your end. When the initial amount(s) is posted on your account you will receive notification through your Eagle E-mail address. Partial billing is not possible against your FPCP monies. You either have to use the full billing amount or opt not to use it for that specific semester. If you decide not to utilize your Florida Prepaid benefits for a particular term you must submit a Non-Usage of Florida Prepaid form on a per term basis to the Bursar's Office by the respective Tuition & Fee Payment Deadline as noted on the Academic Calendar.

For additional information please refer to the Bursar website at