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Residency Reclassification

Things you NEED to know about Residency Reclassification

  • Residency Reclassification criteria are established by Florida law and Florida Department of Education regulations. The Registrar's Office CANNOT waive State/DOE criteria for ANY reason.
  • Living in Florida for a year or longer DOES NOT automatically qualify you for in-state tuition (Florida Resident).
  • Under Florida law, there is a difference between being a "Florida Resident" and being a "Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes."
  • To be considered a "Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes," you MUST prove through OFFICIAL and/or LEGAL DOCUMENTS that you have moved to Florida permanently and not merely living in Florida temporarily while you attend FGCU.
  • All supporting documents (for example; driver's license, vehicle registration, voter registration card) MUST be dated 12 CALENDAR MONTHS prior to the first day of classes for the requested reclassification term. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement.
  • The Office of the Registrar CANNOT consider personal justifications for documents not meeting the 12-month requirement. For example, "I have a Florida driver's license now, but I did not get it when I moved here a year ago because . . .", is a personal justification that cannot be considered.
  • Leases and employment verification show physical presence ONLY. By themselves, they DO NOT qualify you for Residency Reclassification.
  • Ties to another state or country WILL DISQUALIFY you from Residency Reclassification.
  • Evidence that you are the financial dependant of an out-of-state resident WILL DISQUALIFY you from Residency Reclassification.
  • Financial hardship CANNOT be considered in Residency Reclassification.
  • Despite the length of time you attend FGCU, you MAY NOT qualify for "Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes."

Policy for Reclassification of Current Students

The offices of Undergraduate Admissions (239-590-7915) and Graduate Admissions (239-590-7988) determine first term residency at FGCU for tuition purposes for all newly-admitted students.

Reclassification of residency for the purpose of tuition is not automatic. Enrolled students who are classified as non-Florida residents for tuition purposes and who believe they may qualify for in-state tuition effective with the next academic semester must submit the Request for Change in Residency for Tuition form to the Office of the Registrar prior to the last day of the drop/add or late registration period for the term in which resident status is sought. Supporting documents (as noted in the Initial Classification section) must be attached to the form. If claiming independence status and under the age of 24, a copy of the most recent federal income tax filing for the student and parent are required. The claimant, under the age of 24, who has annual financial resources totaling half the cost of attendance or more, must provide their most recent tax return along with copies of their W2 forms; or with documents establishing other sources of income from within Florida.

The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to require additional documentation in order to determine the resident status of a current student. Rent receipts, leases, employment records are not evidence in itself of legal Florida residence. If Florida residency status for the purpose of tuition is denied, the student may file an appeal to the Office of the Registrar. The decision of the Residency Appeal Committee is final, as provided by law.

Approved residency reclassification will not be applied retroactively to previous terms.

NOTE: The provisions under both state laws will apply to initial and reclassification procedures as well as degree and non-degree seeking students at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Residency - The State Laws is Florida's official online student advising system. It is provided free by the Florida Department of Education to help students make informed choices about their education.

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Residency Guidelines

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