Tuition Fees and Student Accounts

2017-2018 Catalog Year

Student Refunds

Student Refunds

Student's due refunds are not required to submit refund requests; refunds are automatically calculated. If there is an amount due in the accounts receivable system, that amount will be deducted from any refund due.

Tuition & Fees

100% of registration fees and tuition will be refunded if notice of complete withdrawal or course withdrawal from the university is approved prior to the end of drop/add period (please refer to the Academic Calendar)

25% of registration fees and tuition will be refunded if notice of withdrawal from ALL courses from the University is approved prior to the end of the fourth week of classes (please refer to the Academic Calendar)

Financial Aid

Once Financial Aid has been disbursed the Bursar's Office will apply the payment(s) to any outstanding Account Balances and will process the refund. This process will begin the first day after drop/add and will typically take 5-7 business days from the date your funds have been disbursed. To receive your refund as quickly as possible it is recommended that you elect to receive your check electronically. To choose this option please follow the directions listed in the e-Refunds section.


Student's can now elect to receive their refund electronically. This option will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to process and receive your funds. To choose this option please follow the simple steps listed below:

  1. Login to Gulfline using your UIN and PIN
  2. Click on Bill & Payment Center
  3. Select Create a Refund Profile tab on the Quick View Menu
  4. Select Payment Profile and Add a Payment Method
  5. Enter your Banking Information
  6. Check the Refund Option box and.....Save

Once your e-Refund has been processed you will receive an email with the amount of check and the date it has been processed. Once you receive this email your bank account will typically be credited the funds within 1-2 days.

Paper Check

If a student decides that they would like to receive a paper refund check instead of an e-Refund no additional steps are needed. The student will receive an email notification with the amount and the date that the check will be available for pick-up. If the student does not pick-up the check during the designated time the check will automatically mailed to the most current address on file with the Registrar' Office. Please make sure that your address is up-to-date before a paper check is processed.