Tuition Fees and Student Accounts

2020-2021 Catalog Year

Tuition and Fee Appeals

The university may approve a fee adjustment of 100 percent after the fifth day of the term if a student drops a course or formally withdraws from the university due to circumstances determined by the university to be exceptional and beyond the control of the student. Request for fee adjustments must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Death of the student or immediate family member (parent, grandparent, spouse, child or sibling) as confirmed by documentation indicating the student's relationship to the deceased. Death certificate is required.
  • Involuntary call to military service. Copy of orders is required.
  • Illness of student of such severity or duration to preclude completion of course(s). Written confirmation by a physician is required.
  • A situation in which the university is in error as confirmed in writing by an appropriate vice president.

Appeals for tuition refunds must be submitted in writing to the, Fee Appeals Committee within six months after the end of the term for which the refund is requested. There are no exceptions to this policy. The decision of the Fee Appeals Committee is final.