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2019-2020 Catalog Year

Choice of Catalog

To graduate, each degree-seeking student must meet all graduation requirements specified in an FGCU catalog. A student has the right to choose a catalog year for his or her program of study. However, the choice cannot be from a catalog year that is earlier than the matriculation term and the student must remain in continuous enrollment. Matriculation is defined as being admitted to and enrolled in a degree program. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrolling at least one term in each academic year. Catalog is defined as the program and graduation requirements published each academic year beginning with the fall semester and concluding with the summer semester.

If students cannot meet all of the graduation requirements specified in the catalog of choice due to changes by the university in matters of policy or course offerings, appropriate substitutions will be determined by the program manager to preclude penalizing the student. Due to program accreditation requirements, students in certain majors may not have this option.

All former students will be readmitted to the university under the catalog applicable to the term of readmit for degree requirements.