Records & Registration

2019-2020 Catalog Year

Enrollment Certification

Students should contact their lenders for deferment criteria and procedures. It is the student's responsibility to submit the loan deferment form to the Office of Records & Registration when such service is necessary. Written requests for enrollment certification for loan deferment or insurance purposes should be addressed to the Office of Records & Registration and include name, student identification number and the specific information needed.

Students requesting loan deferment should contact their lender and request a deferment form. This form can be submitted to the Office of Records & Registration during the semester needing deferment. However, forms received prior to the beginning of the term of deferment will be held for enrollment verification 10 days after the beginning of the term. This is to allow for course enrollment adjustments. Verifications will be sent to the lender unless otherwise noted. Any change in enrollment status will be reported to the lender through the Department of Education in Washington, DC.