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ARISE - Assault and Rape Information, Support and Education

ARISE Assault and Rape Information, Support and Education

The 1st 72 Hours (3 Days)



Seek Safety

  • Call 911 if injured or threatened.
  • Leave any place you do not feel safe; call police if you need help to leave.
  • Know that:
    • You are not alone.
    • It is not your fault.
    • You have choices and help is available.
    • Gender is NOT an issue; it can happen to anyone.
    • Information is confidential.


  • Reporting the assault
  • Medical care
  • Counseling
  • After the incident

Reporting the assault (for further information, visit How to Report a Rape)

Tell your service providers (medical, psychological) about the assault, so that you may receive accurate care. Reporting what happened to authorities (on campus police, local police force) is up to you. If you decide to formally report it to police, you should know:

  • An evidence exam may be done. This may involve photos and swabs of evidence.
  • Your description of the event will be written in as much detail as you remember.
  • Your clothes and evidence from your skin and assaulted area will be gathered.
  • Do not bathe, brush your teeth, change clothes or otherwise “clean up.”
  • Bring a complete change of clothing.

Medical Care

  • Student Health Services offers low cost STD testing and medication. They do not gather evidence. Injuries will be cleaned and dressed.
  • ACT (Abuse, Counseling and Treatment Center) offers care, evidence gathering (when appropriate), counseling and STD/pregnancy testing/prevention at NO COST.
  • Preventive medicine may be offered for certain STDs and Plan B is offered for pregnancy prevention.
  • Tests are taken for pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Severe physical injuries should go right to the nearest hospital emergency department.



After the incident

  • Further STD testing will be advised for a later time as well. Certain tests take various amounts of time to react as a positive result. The pregnancy test may also be repeated.
  • Continue counseling for as long as you would like; this will vary from person to person.
  • Know that you are a valued individual!