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Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

DBT Group


DBT Skills Training Class

The Skills Training Class is adapted from DBT to assist individuals who struggle with several different types of issues such as:

  • Extreme difficulty controlling or regulating emotional reactions including intense anger and/or depression.
  • Intense and unstable relationships with others that tend to feel like “emotional roller coasters” as well as difficulty with “people pleasing” behaviors that lead to built up resentment.
  • Inability or extreme difficulty tolerating crisis situations or negative life events without resorting to harmful behaviors which tend to make things worse in the long run.
  • Confusion about who I am, identity, and/or dissociative experiences (feeling disconnected or outside of yourself).

The skills training class helps individuals learn to manage and even get rid of these problems by teaching concrete skills that you can begin practicing immediately. Specifically, the class contains four core modules which target the four issues mentioned above. The modules you will learn in skills training class are:

  1. Mindfulness Skills: These skills emphasize learning to quiet your mind, controlling what you pay attention to and for how long, and looking within yourself and making decisions that come from your own inner sense of wisdom.
  2. Emotion Regulation Skills: These skills focus on learning ways of decreasing negative emotions, increasing both short and long term positive life experiences, as well as ways of decreasing your vulnerability to negative emotions (e.g. anger, depression, etc.).
  3. Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: These skills are meant to help you learn to interact with people in a way that makes them want to give you what you are asking for or accept times when you need to say no. The goal of these skills is to learn to be with others in a way that increases others’ respect for you and your needs as well as your own sense of self respect.
  4. Distress Tolerance Skills: These skills are meant to assist you in getting through painful life experiences skillfully, that is, without making things worse by resorting to self-defeating behaviors.

The Skills Training Class is facilitated by Michael Ghali, Ph.D. and is a closed group reserved for students registered with CAPS and referred by a CAPS clinician. If you are interested in this group and already registered with CAPS, talk to your individual counselor. If you are not registered with CAPS, you will need to visit CAPS to complete paperwork, attend an intake session with a CAPS counselor, and subsequently be referred to the group as part of your ongoing therapeutic efforts. This group will meet Thursdays from 2:30 - 4:00pm.