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Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Attendance Policy


CAPS makes every effort to provide individual services as quickly and efficiently as possible. Due to the high demand for counseling/therapy and psychiatry services, the following attendance policy is in place. This policy applies to students receiving any clinical service from any member of the clinical staff.   


(1)  You may opt in to an automated, HIPAA-compliant appointment reminder system used by CAPS.  By opting in, you give permission to be contacted by text message or email about upcoming appointments.  This is a welcome reminder for many clients, but you do not have to participate.  If you wish to receive an appointment reminder, provide the requested information and give your consent on the last page of this document. Opting in or out of the reminder system in no way changes any no-show charge.


(2)  Clients who do not show for an appointment with ANY CLINICAL STAFF MEMBER will be charged a no-show fee.  The fee is $25 for any clinician, any appointment type or length, and $45 for the psychiatrist or LD/ADHD testing.  It appears on your FGCU account as a miscellaneous medical charge. You will be charged a no-show fee if you do not cancel at least 2 hours before your appointment time.  If your appointment is before 10 AM, leave a message at 239-590-7950 before 8 AM to avoid the no-show charge.


(3)  Clients who need to cancel or change an appointment with any clinician are expected to do so as far in advance as possible. Contacting CAPS before your appointment time to cancel is required to hold a place in your provider’s schedule as an on-going appointment. You may leave a message on nights/weekends to cancel for the next day. Do not use the HelpLine to change or cancel an appointment.


(4)  If you no-show for an appointment with any clinician you must call to reschedule within 24 hours or all future appointments may be removed from the schedules of your clinician and the psychiatrist.


(5)  CAPS is not a medication clinic.  Clients who wish only to receive medication (and no other clinical service) will be referred to a community provider. Clients who are seeing a CAPS psychiatrist are required to be either in case management or in ongoing therapy/counseling. Clients who are being seen by our psychiatrist but fail to comply with the attendance requirements for clinician appointments will be referred to a community provider, following one final psychiatry appointment for transfer of care. 


(6) Some clinicians and clients set up recurring appointments (i.e., same day and time each week).  If you cancel or no-show for an appointment, we are left to assume you are no longer interested in maintaining your recurring appointments unless you specifically ask us to schedule you for a subsequent appointment. 

Clients who show a pattern of no-show or cancellation of appointments may have their eligibility for services suspended.  Clinicians reserve the right to suspend or terminate services after three (3) missed (cancelled or no-showed) appointments.  If you have any questions about the Attendance Policy, please consult your clinician.


To see our full informed consent form, click here.