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Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Common Concerns/Self-Help


Disclaimer: The below links and information are for self-help purposes only and are not intended to replace professional consultation or treatment.  If you are in need of more assistance, please visit or call our office (239-590-7950) during business hours. CAPS inclusion of links to other websites does not imply endorsement of content on, or affiliation with, those websites. 


Relax card

Sleep card



 7 Mindful Sleep Tips

 SMART Goals card

 Mindfulness card

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

 Mindfulness and Acceptance

 Mindfulness is a Superpower (video)

Stressed out card

 Problem Solving card

 Distress Tolerance

Problem Solving

Communication card

Time card


Time Management

Thoughts card Treat yourself card


 Pleasant Activities

 Anger card  Homesick card
Self compassion card Suicide Prevention card


Suicide Prevention

Therapy card Values card

How Therapy Can Help



Other Self-Help Presentations

The links below will open video or voice-over presentations, however most of these links will only open on Windows PCs and will not open on IOS or portable devices.

 Video Presentations:

Managing Test Anxiety

Understanding Psychotropic Medications

Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety

Nutrition and Mental Health

Interpersonal Communications (Overview)

Interpersonal Communication (Presentation)

Holistic Approach

Getting Healthy Sleep

Asperger's On Campus

Career Counseling

Audio Files:

Body Scan

Breath Sound Body Modification 

Breathing Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Seated Meditation

Wisdom Meditation

Working with Difficulties


Links to resources at other universities: 

Relaxation and Guided Imagery Downloads (Dartmouth University)

Free apps for mental health (University of Florida)

Guided Relaxation - Audio and Video files (Loyola University)