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Lutgert College of Business in the News

This is the story of an LCOB undergrad student winning an award at Research Day on April 8, 2016.

FGCU Research Day recognizes research-related scholarly and creative achievements accomplished by FGCU faculty, students, and staff. On Research Day 2016, Mitchell Page, a graduating Economics major with a minor in Statistics, won the LCOB Dean's Award for Best Undergraduate Poster.

From left: US Congressman Curtis Clawson, Student Mitchell Page,
FGCU President Bradshaw, LCOB Dean Beatty

The winning project was conducted as a partnership between Mitchell Page and Professor of Economics Kaitlyn Harger. Mitchell Page is a graduating Economics major with a minor in Statistics. He is originally from New Port Richey, FL and intends to pursue a career in teaching in the field of economics or mathematics. Their paper examines whether the size of the non-citizen population affects congressional election outcomes. Previous research indicates that non-citizens sway elections in favor of a left-leaning candidate but only in elections where the margin by which a candidate won is small. We use regression analysis to predict the margin by which a democratic candidate will win or lose, given a set of exogenous parameters, including non-citizen population.

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