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College of Education

College of Education

Certification 2


I have at least a bachelor’s degree with a Florida state approved minor in education.

The good news is you have completed all of the teaching coursework that you need in order to apply for a temporary teaching certificate in Florida and you have three years to meet the other requirements towards a five year, renewable Professional Teaching Certificate.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to teach. Go to to learn more about what subjects and grade levels are available in Florida.

Once that is done, you can begin the process toward a temporary certificate by going to

After the Department of Education has received and evaluated your completed application, you will receive an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility. This tells you what more you need to do to get a Professional Certificate and it allows you to be hired by a school district. Once you are hired, you will need to submit fingerprints for a background check. After your fingerprints have been cleared, you will receive a Temporary Teaching Certificate that is valid for three years.