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College of Education

College of Education

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get into the College of Education Undergraduate Program?
Admission to the College of Education (COE) is a two-part process.

  1. You must be admitted to the University. When you’ve completed the application process the FGCU  Admission office will notify you with an acceptance letter with directions for signing up for a  mandatory Florida Gulf Coast University (Eagle View) Orientation. As soon as you confirm your  attendance the articulation office will notify the COE of your interest in an education degree if you are  a transfer student, or notify First Year Advising if you are a first time in college student. The COE  Admissions Advisor evaluates you for admission to the college. COE requirements exceed University  requirements. You could meet FGCU admission requirements, but not meet COE admission  requirements. When you are admitted to the University you will be classified as a Pre-education major  and we will advise you as to the best course of study to be fully admitted to the COE.
  2. Whether you are fully admissible or must remain in a pre-admission status while you complete missing  requirements, you are required to attend a mandatory College of Education orientation.

Can I be admitted to the COE before I finish my Florida AA?

Yes, you can be admitted while you are completing your AA. Your admission will be contingent upon your  completing your AA by the time you specify on your application. We encourage transfer students to apply  early to FGCU and to attend an early orientation. When you meet with the COE advisors at the orientation,  you will work out your schedule for the next term and be permitted to register for classes early. You are  permitted a one semester grace period, but there will be a restriction from any further registration until your  original application materials are received.

How do I get certified to teach?

The most desirable way from a teacher preparation and employability standpoint is to acquire a degree in  teaching from an accredited College of Education, such as we have here at FGCU.

In some circumstances, if you already have a bachelor’s degree or higher in an area other than education, you  may be eligible to teach in Florida on a temporary basis. For more information concerning certification in Florida visiit our web site at

How do I figure out which courses to take for my degree?

All programs of study are printed in the FGCU catalog and are available on the web at The COE  website will maintain curriculum maps for both the lower level coursework which includes all prerequisites for  admission and the upper level coursework and testing required to graduate.

Advisor’s are available by appointment to clarify a program of study. Undergraduate students should contact  the Advising Desk at (239) 590-7778, and Graduate students should contact their assigned Faculty Advisor for  assistance.

How do I get certified to teach in high school?

Complete the College of Education Secondary Education Program in Biology, Mathematics, Social Sciences, or  Special Education K – 12 , or;
Complete a bachelor’s program in a major area taught in the high schools and make an appointment with a  COE Academic Advisor to plan to Minor in Education and discuss an alternative certification route.

Can I have a double major or a minor?

Although it is technically possible to have a double major it is not recommended for Education majors. You  can minor outside of the education college, but due to the number of designated hours in the Education  majors, with no room for electives, you will be adding at least a semester to your schedule and will be  required to put off graduation.

Do you offer distance or evening programs?

The undergraduate degree programs are day and evening, full and part-time programs. There are a few  courses in the programs that are offered in a virtual environment, but the majority of the coursework is on  campus. Most of the graduate and certification-only courses are offered in the evening and some are offered through distance learning.

How much is your tuition?

Check the Office of the Bursar’s website at for the most  recent tuition and fee information. A student must be a Florida resident for 1 year in order to qualify for  resident tuition.

What is non-degree seeking/certification?

Any students who plan to take a few courses toward certification, or who are taking courses to maintain a certification, should apply to FGCU as post-baccalaureate seeking/teacher certification student. The date of non- degree registration is published on the Academic Calendar on the front page of the FGCU website.

Can you send me information?

Information packets are sent directly to prospective students from the FGCU Office of Admissions. Fill out the  Prospective Student Request Info in the top right hand corner at and information will be mailed  to you within 24 hours.