Directed Observations

During your first two weeks in the classroom, you are to focus on ONE of the topics below each day and carefully observe what you notice in the classroom related to that topic. That is, you will have notes on 7 different topics at the end of your first two weeks. Keep specific notes on what you see and hear from both the teacher and student perspective. Start each observation on a new page and at the top of each first page of the daily entry note the date of observation and the topic you are focusing on for that day. These observation notes may be hand-written (if legible ☺) or typed. The observation notes are due to your supervisor at your first small group seminar.

Do not try to keep notes on all 6 areas each day! The point is to focus on one topic per day so that each topic will be addressed by the end of your first two weeks. Your observation notes will be used for your seminar discussion with your supervisor.

  • Physical environment of the classroom. You might want to include a sketch of the room, charts, bulletin board ideas, etc.
  • Classroom management and classroom management plan (write the plan down): How does the teacher manage behavior, routines, and procedures?
  • Questioning strategies used by the teacher
  • Teacher's body language
  • Transitions to lunch room, playground, specials, end of activities, end of lesson, etc.
  • Teacher-student communication such as re-directing student behavior, praise, etc.
  • School safety plan