Frequently Asked Questions

When do I apply student teaching?

Level I and Level II applications for the fall semester are due February 15th or the first business day following. Level I and Level II applications for the spring semester are due September 15th or the first business day following.

How long is the student teaching experience?

Both Level I and Level II student teaching experiences are 12 weeks in length. The duration of each course is one semester.

How do I know if I am eligible for student teaching?

A completed application must be submitted by the appropriate due date. A completed application includes completion of ALL required course work, a "C" or better in all Professional and Subject area courses, an overall grade point average of 2.5, and a 2.5 or better in Professional Education Subject areas.

How do I know if I have all of my prerequisites?

Upon submittal of your application to the Student Teaching Office, the Academic Advisor will review and notify you of any student teaching criteria that has not been met. You may also make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your program requirements and your status at any time.

What documents do I need to apply?

You must complete the official application with all related forms and submit them by the established deadline. The application is available on the FGCU College of Education student teaching website at

What steps do I need to follow to apply?

A completed application along with the appropriate program card must be submitted to the Student Teaching Office. Directions and forms are available on the website. School Districts require students to be fingerprinted before entering classrooms for student teaching. Fingerprinting instructions are available on the website as well.

How are the placements made?

Sites are selected from the five counties served by FGCU. School placements are approved by the College of Education and meet Florida Department of Education requirements to serve as field sites. Sites are chosen, in part, by the availability of clinical education trained teachers, and by the school's capability to accept cohort groups consisting of interns from different programs.

Can I choose the school for student teaching experience?

You may request the county you would like to have student teaching experience in and you may indicate preference area within the county. You may not be placed at a school where you have relatives or where you have been employed.

You may not request a particular school or arrange placements with schools or teachers.

How many days will I be in the classroom?

This also depends on what level of the program you are enrolled in.

  • Block 4/Level I: All day for two days a week (Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • Block 5/ Level II: Full time, Monday through Friday during teacher school hours.

When does student teaching start?

Orientation is mandatory and will be held the first week of the semester. The classroom experience usually begins the second week of the semester.

What other requirements will I have for student teaching?

Each level of student teaching has accompanying assignments. Satisfactory completion of these assignments is necessary to successfully complete your student teaching experience. You will also be required to attend seminars that will enhance your student teaching experience.

Who will be my instructor/supervisor for my student teaching?

You will be assigned a University Supervisor. The University Supervisor and the Cooperating Teacher will be working together to make your student teaching experience a positive one.

How will I be evaluated in the classroom?

The University Supervisor and the Cooperating teacher will be doing a combination of formal and informal observations based on the Florida Accomplished Practices and the Florida Performance Measurement Standards. This experience is intended to follow a team concept. The feedback portion of this process is extremely important.

Will there be a letter grade assigned to my student teaching?

No. Your student teaching grade will be satisfactory, unsatisfactory, or incomplete.

If I am only seeking certification, may I take the course?

No, you must be enrolled in a degreed program.

Can I enroll as a guest student teacher?

Yes, if your home university contacts the internship office to make arrangements and all criteria are met.

Can I complete my student teaching through another university?

Yes, providing you have met all criteria and permission has been granted by the College of Education Undergraduate Division. Please contact the Internship Office for more information.

FGCU Information Sources

Information concerning the Student Teaching Programs can be obtained by contacting the Office at (239) 590- 7775 or by reviewing this website.

Information concerning College of Education programs, faculty, course schedules, and admissions, can be obtained by contacting the College of Education at (239) 590-7800 or by reviewing the web site at

Information can also be obtained by contacting the University's Registration Office at (239) 590-7980 or Toll Free: 800-590-3428 or by reviewing FGCU's web site at

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