Description of Lesson Plans

1. kStandards:  Identify the standards to be assessed in this lesson.

Big Idea/ Essential Question: When applicable, list the overarching idea and/or question for this lesson.

2. Objectives are statements, using a measurable verb that indicate what a learner will accomplish or do.  Multiple objectives reflect integration of content areas.

3. Assessment and Evaluation
Assessment drives objectives, so both areas need to be developed concurrently. 

  • Formative- Assessments which inform the teacher about the progress of each student towards mastering the objective. These take place during the lessons which occur throughout the teaching/learning cycle or unit.

  • Summative-Assessment which informs the teacher that the student has mastered the objective(s). This takes place at the end of the teaching/learning cycle/unit.

4. . Introduction to the lesson orients the students to the objectives of the lesson.  This component should access prior knowledge, activate motivation, attract the senses (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic), may be an excerpt from literature, could be a stimulating question, mini lesson or activity. This introduction should be short and focused.

5. Materials
 List all the materials you need to complete this lesson.  Plan distribution of materials.

6.Technology Integration requires specification of technology or audio-visual aids to this lesson.

7. Teacher Presentation or Facilitation: (includes reviews, practice, and questions)  
     This section will include beginning and ending reviews, direct instruction, group facilitation, and practices. Initially, the presentation should be written as if it were a script. As the competence is evident, a shorter version may be allowed. Differentiated instruction should be imbedded throughout the presentation section. Therefore, indicate the presence of DI by using bold type or highlighting the area. Differentiation can be done for ability, interest, learning styles, etc....

8.. Accommodations/Interventions and/or notes
Your class will be composed of children with various developmental levels, diverse linguistic, socio-economic, cultural, and academic needs.  These needs will require accommodations and/or interventions to be specified in this section of your plan.

9. Follow-up Reflection (completed after the lesson has been taught)

  • Regarding Classroom Management:  Describe the strengths and weaknesses you noticed during this lesson.
  • Students:  Based upon the formative/summative assessments, describe the student learning that took place.


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