Level I (Block 4) Video Assignment

Task Description

Students will videotape a full lesson in the non-final field experience classroom and complete an analysis of their performance based on Best Practice teaching methods.  This task will serve as the Critical Task assignment for the Block 4/Level I Student Teaching Experience.

Permission Letters

As part of the course requirements the student teacher will be videoed presenting a lesson to the class. Below are the Video Permission Letters (English/Spanish versions) to be distributed to parents, if needed.

Video Permission Letter (English)

Video Permission Letter (Spanish)

Video Directions

The videotape project will focus on assessing the student’s content presentation and teaching performance.  This project includes a videotape of 30 minutes or one full lesson, a written evaluation/reflection of the video lesson and a copy of the lesson plan.  The written evaluation/reflection must be completed on a computer, double-spaced and should be 2 – 3 pages in length.  The self evaluation/reflection component will be entered on Live Text. A copy of the evaluation/reflection must accompany the video and lesson plan when submitted to the university supervisor.  The written evaluation/reflection should include these components:

  • Introductory paragraph: Should include information on when and where lesson was taught, topic and or subject of lesson, rationale of why the lesson was taught.
  • Strengths of lesson: What components of the lesson did you execute well?
  • Areas of needed growth: What areas of your practice do you need to take some active measures to improve, include what you could do to strengthen these areas?
  • Suggestions to improve the lesson:If given the opportunity to teach this lesson again what would you do differently and why?
  • Closing Paragraph: Reflect on the experience, what did you learn about yourself, your students and was this a worthwhile self-assessment?

All components must be submitted to your university supervisor to receive a satisfactory grade.

Due Date: The video lesson is due to the University Supervisor after the middle of the semester.  The exact date will be determined by your Supervisor.

Criteria for assessment: There is a Video Scoring Rubric. Satisfactory assessment is necessary for a satisfactory final grade.

Download the Video Scoring Rubric here.(Microsoft Word Document)

Printer-Friendly PDF: Video Assignment

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