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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Speaker Directory & Directory of Experts

Tony  Planas
Speaker and Expert
Title: Ed.D.
Phone: 239 590-7267
Expertise: Metric System
Expert: Workshops, Conferences, Seminars on using of Metric Units in the U.S. Conversion from the Imperial System of Measurement to the Metric System, Public Laws covering the use of the Metric System.
Speaker: -Metric System and its actualization in the U.S.
-Important topics to know about the Metric System of Measurement.
-Metric Units as the best System of Measurement for Trade and Commerce and in the U.S. Highway system.
-Membership to the United States Metric Association (USMA) helping this organization to disseminate important information and at the same time educating the grass root of our country on the benefits of using and converting the U.S. to the Metric System.
-How the Federal Highway Adminstration is flagrantly violating a Public Law in reference to the use of the Metric System in the U.S.
Talk Length: 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes
Other info: The community will be helped in this subject, the Metric System, by posting "Dual Speed Limit Signs" on many roads around our nation; by information the American people on Public Broadcasting Television and Radio on topics related to Metric Units and its use; posting articles written about the Metric System on FGCU "Pinnecle Magazine"; posting pictures or photos on FGCU website of the already "dual" speed limit signs posted at the intersection of Ben Hill Griffin Pkwy and FGCU Main Entrance.
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