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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 10, Issue 4

Awards or Recognitions

Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., College of Education, Undergraduate Studies , "O. L. David Counselor of Distinction ", Kappa Delta Pi - International Honor Society in Education, November 4.

Book Publication

Jason Bahr, D.M., College of Arts and Sciences, Bower School of Music, "Song of Moses for solo snare drum", drop6 media, Denton, Texas, pp. all.

Brad Busbee, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences, Language and Literature, ""The Idea of India in Early Medieval England" in India in the World", Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, pp. 3-16.

Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., College of Education, Undergraduate Studies , "Our Ideas are Wonderful: A collection of stories from early childhood educators", Lulu Enterprises, Raleigh, NC, pp. 1-57.

Manuel Mon, Meyer, A. O., and Urquhart, M., MD, PhD, Marine and Ecological Sciences, "Cosmos in the Classroom 2010: A Hands-on Symposium on Teaching Introductory Astronomy, ed. A. Fraknoi, San Francisco, 2011.", Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, CA, pp. Section A., Article 9,13 pp..

Professional Presentations

Jason Bahr, D.M., with text by Walt Whitman, Bower School of Music, "Symphony No. 2 (first two movements)", College Music Society National Conference, performance by the Old Dominion Symphony and Choir, Richmond, VA, October 20-23.

Carolynne Gischel, Ed.D., College of Education, College of Education Dean's Office, "How Are Preservice Teachers Prepared to Implement RTI?", 2011 Teacher Education Division Conference, Council for Exceptional Children, Austin, TX, November 8-12.


James Brock, Ph.D., M.F.A., Language and Literature, "Three Poems and Transmedial Performance: Dance of the Polyglot, After the Sensible Divorce, and We Never Had Better Pad Thai ", Belletrist Coterie, Quarterly , pp. 6.