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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 10, Issue 5

Awards or Recognitions

Farah Dosani, WGCU-FM, "2011 Griot Drum Community/Public Affairs Radio award", Tampa Bay Association of Black Journalists, November 17.

Amy Tardif, Valarie Edwards, Farah Dosani, John Davis, Val Alker, WGCU-FM, "Injury Prevention Media Partner of the Year", Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition , December 22.

Professional Presentations

Trent R. Brown, D.M.A., College of Arts and Sciences, Bower School of Music, "Choral Gems for the Developing Male Singer", Music Education: The Industry of Creativity, Florida Music Educators Association, Tampa, FL, January 13.

Elena V. Stepanova, Ph.D. , Bruce B. Bartholow & J. Scott Saults, Social and Behavioral Sciences, "Placebo Prejudice: Effects of Alcohol Primes on Automatic Components of Racial Bias.", The Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Diego, CA, January 26-28.


Shawn Felton, EdD, ATC, LAT, Denise Heinemann, DrPH, RN & Jason Craddock, EdD, ATC, LAT, CSCS, College of Health Professions, Physical Therapy & Human Performance, "Exertional Rhabdomyolysis in a High School Athlete", Athletic Training & Sports Health Care, Quarterly , pp. 230-234.

Eric Shamus, PhD, DPT, Wessel N, Shamus E, Johnson K, Quereshi Y, O’Connor M, Mehra R, College of Health Professions, Physical Therapy & Human Performance, "Association of Biomechanical Changes with Weight Gain Throughout Pregnancy", Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, Monthly , pp. 36.

Elena V. Stepanova, Ph.D. , Michael J. Strube, Social and Behavioral Sciences, "What’s in a face? The role of skin tone, facial physiognomy, and color presentation mode of facial primes in affective priming effects. ", The Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 152 Issue 2, pp. 212-227.

Charles Xiaoxue Wang, Ph. D., Cheng, X., Cui, G., Wang, H., & Gao, P. , College of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, "The state and development trends of educational technology: Commenting on 2011 AECT International Convention.", Journal of Distance Education , Vol. 30 Issue 1, pp. 3 -17.