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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 11, Issue 10

Awards or Recognitions

Robert Diotalevi, JD, Justice Studies , "Selected to serve on Peer Review Board", Journal of Educators Online , June 24.

Barbara Linstrom, Rosie Emery, Antonio Rodriguez, Tim Kenney, WGCU-TV, "Bronze Telly", 34th Annual Telly Awards, May 7.

Ashley Lopez, Amy Tardif, Scott Finn, Scott Kim, Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, WLRN, WGCU-FM, "The Florida Ballot Amendments - Series", Public Radio News Directors Incorporated, PRNDI, June 22.

Professional Presentations

Duane Dobbert, Ph.D, College of Arts and Sciences, Justice Studies , "Sexual Predator and Lust Homicide Investigations", Regional Training Seminar, NEMRT (40 Suburban Chicago Police Departments) , Chicago, IL., May 16-17.

Nicola Foote, Ph.D., College of Arts and Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, "From Charles Darwin to Lonesome George: Writing the New Animal History in the Galapagos Islands", Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London, London, United Kingdom, June 19.

Barry Lipton, DDS, College of Arts and Sciences, Justice Studies , "Bitemark Identification and Evidense Collection", Florida Division of the International Association for Identification, Region VI, Lee County Sheriff's Office, Fort Myers, Florida, June 12-13.

Barry Lipton, DDS, College of Arts and Sciences, Justice Studies , "Forensic Science for Litigators-Forensic Odontology", Public Defenders Workshop, Office of the Public Defender, District 20, Fort Myers, Florida, June 28.

Sandra Pavelka, Institute for Youth and Justice Studies, "Restorative Justice: Policy and Legislation in the States (Keynote Address)", Northwest Justice Forum, Clackamas and Clark County Juvenile Court, Oregon City, OR, OR, June 26-27.